Payments & Shipping Policy

/Payments & Shipping Policy
Payments & Shipping Policy2021-05-16T15:23:14+00:00


We accept all major credit cards, wire transfer and checks or electronic checks. Payment must be done upon placing the order. Because most of our products are build to order we don’t accept returns or exchanges, all sales are final.

The warranty of the product will be detailed in our proposal or project quote before and upon placing the order.


• Shipment will be by land, overseas or by air. The method and cost of shipping will be detailed on proposal of project and/or upon placing the order
• Shipping method and cost will depend on the Country and location of where the product will be shipped to. Every country has different costs of customs and shipping.
• Our Company will recommend the most cost-effective, fastest, and safest method.
• Shipping and insurance will be quoted as an additional item, separate from our products.
• If shipping is managed by us, we will select one of our Vendors, which are well-experienced.
• Client can manage its own shipping if decided.

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