At risk of losing Jucutuma Lagoon by water lily

Study details the damages in the Lake of Yojoa and the lagoons of Jucutuma and Alvarado, also in Omoa The solution is to oxygenate them, the project is valued at $ 10 million

A report on the impact and environmental pollution of the metropolitan area reveals the risk of losing the Yojoa Lake, the Jucutuma and Alvarado lagoons, of not taking immediate action.

The presentation of the report in the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Cortés (CCIC) was led by Deputy Reynaldo Ekónomo, who is president of the special commission of risk management, contingency, emergency and humanitarian aid in the National Congress.
The document was explained by Jorge René Hernández, who represents the American company Dellepere Enterprise, in charge of the environmental study.

Hernández reported that the work began in 2008 in Lake Yojoa, continued in 2009 in the Jucutuma lagoon, in 2013 in the lagoon of Alvarado and in 2017 a detailed study was made of the pollution in the beaches of Omoa generated by the garbage from Guatemala.
“The study of the Jucutuma lagoon was made in 2009 and at that time it was 80% covered, now we do not know how much will be covered, but we did know that it would continue to grow.”

He continued to warn that the lagoon can be lost due to the water lily that grows with the lack of oxygen in the water. “In the absence of oxygen, a complete saturation in a water resource should be seven and eight milligrams per liter and in the lagoon we can not find more than four, that is to say, it is being lost”.

Hernández explained that in the case of Lake Yojoa, located 90 kilometers from San Pedro Sula, the risk of losing it is also latent. “The lake of Yojoa is getting lost, because the waters are receding; the land on the shore of the lake is growing. If someone had an apple before, now they have three. ”

The same happens in the lagoon of Alvarado. The proposed solution in the three ecosystems is to oxygenate the bodies of water.
For this the Government should look for a specialized company. The joint investment for the two lagoons, the lake and provisionally solve the pollution problem in Omoa would be about $ 10 million.

“In all of them, we propose that they oxygenate, that they look for the means to oxygenate them. There are companies that can do it, “he shared.
The negative consequences of environmental impact are diseases and a considerable decrease in tourism. “You must act immediately. They had to act about 10 years ago. In about 10 years you could miss the Jucutuma lagoon; Lake Yojoa would take more for the flow, “said Hernández.

Deputy Reynaldo Ekónomo said that the investment would be about $ 10 million and that as a government, the necessary mechanisms should be found to carry out the solutions.

“We urgently call for this to be carried out immediately. If there are no funds, you have to look for them. The IDB has funds for these issues, so there is no need to stop, “said Ekónomo, who assured that the National Congress will seek to resolve this problem.

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