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About the Mobile Water Treatment Units

“The Mobile Treatment Units are commercialized through Environmental Engineering Projects, where previously the qualities of the water to be treated and the expected results of the use of technology are studied and evaluated.” These studies are carried out with recognized Professional Technical Institutions and of high prestige in the country, which have certified laboratories to guarantee the results expected by our customers. The Scavengers are made with the highest technology of oxygen and ozone injection in the form of microbubbles that can solve multiple pollution problems in the waters. For this reason, there is more than one manufacturing model which adapts to the needs of the required treatment, the prices of these different models are between 3 and 4 Million American Dollars (Manufacturing Price, Miami), depending on the model and specific technical adjustments that the unit needs for each Project.

The Cindirellas are mobile treatment plants designed to collect algae and waste in greater quantity. The increase in Oceanic pollution and large water reserves led us to develop a larger ship that could cope with this demand. As in the case of The Scavengers, The Cindirella has several models that adapt to the needs of our customers depending on the environmental problem to be solved. The prices are between 3 to 6 Million Dollars. ”

Scavenger 2000 How Does it Work

About the Ozone Unit Esterilo O3

This powerful machine, with a capacity of 1.7 m3, injects Ozone up to concentrations of 25 ppm during a period of time that does not exceed 40 minutes to eliminate 99.9% of any pathogenic agent, be it viruses or bacteria.

The powerful ESTERILO O3 is easy to move since it has 4 wheels that allow it to move quickly and safely to be used in different places of an installation.

The advanced disinfection technology used consists in the creation of ozone through the direct feeding of oxygen created by other equipment that feeds the ozone generator and injects it in a pulverized form with water, which makes it extremely efficient in the elimination of germs and viruses.

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About Solid Waste Sorting Plants

The Solid Waste Sorting Plants are developed and built in our factory according to the needs of our customers. These plants are sized according to the solid waste that they want to process. They consist of robust waste conveyor belts that allow qualified personnel to select and compress recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, glass and tin plates for later commercialization. It also has treatment systems for organic material that can be used as a soil improver in agriculture. The prices of these plants vary according to the tons of waste to be treated per day that vary between 1 to 5 Million Dollars.

On Research and Analysis of Atmospheric Pollution

The research on Atmospheric Pollution are commercialized as technical consultancies which involve specialists related to the nature of the problem to be solved and highly qualified professionals in the solutions offered. The costs of these consultancies are very varied and will depend on the problem to be solved and the place where they are given according to the Genesis topic.

On the Development and Application of Renewable Energies

We do studies, projects, construction and installations related to the use of renewable energies, mainly in the use of solar and wind energy. Having an excellent engineering department and manufacturing facilities equipped with state-of-the-art and varied equipment, allows us to offer a wide range of products that adapt to the different needs of our clients. We have devices and solutions applicable to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. From a comprehensive analysis, we can efficiently implement solutions that involve different products such as the conjunction of photovoltaic systems with windmills. As a novelty, we can communicate that we are developing a financial engineering with different entities to be able in the near future to provide our customers with the economic facility to access our technologies.