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OXY PLUS System: Water Purification Actions

The world-patented system, called Oxi Plus TM, was specifically designed to decontaminate water courses such as rivers, lakes, lagoons and bays by Water Management Technologies. This system involves the direct injection of Oxygen, Ozone and Ultraviolet Light, these last two as disinfecting agents. This system, revolutionary and unique in the world, is an integral part of the products “Scavenger 2000” and the OXY PLANTS: Stationary Plants that Water Management Technologies develops and manufactures, and that Dellepere Enterprises distributes through Environmental Projects, made according to the needs of our customers.

Areas of Impact

The areas of impact of this system in contaminated waters are:

  • Collection of Floating Solid Residues

  • Disinfection of Water to Treat

  • Oxygenation of the Water Course

  • Control and Elimination of Eutrophic Pollution

  • Elimination of Odors and Water Color

Helping the Environment

We specialize in the development and implementation of environmental projects for the decontamination and recovery of rivers, bays, lakes, lagoons, and ports in the shortest time technically possible.

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