Get ready! Now you can swim in Valsequillo Lake, announces Gali.

Antonio Gali Fayad, governor of the state, announced that 200 million pesos will be invested for the rescue and restoration of the Valsequillo dam, so that people can go swimming when it is rehabilitated.

“This will allow us to open again the lake of Valsequillo as a tourist center, children can go swimming safely, and what is the National Polytechnic and other universities have checked how low pollution from 70 to 80 per a hundred, but as you know, those waters have solid objects in the bottom and are still irrigated, “he said.

In an interview, the president said that the rehabilitation work will begin before his term ends, so they expect the arrival of foreign technology so that the rehabilitation works in Valsequillo begin.

“In November or December technology will be arriving that we send to monitor […] are three boats that are going to be cleaning, oxygen is injected, ozone is injected and the lily is removed with another machine”.

He also said that with this project, the economic spillover of the place increases, as has happened with the Amalucan Park.

“Undoubtedly, the zone will be built, the most important type of Amalucan, is that even larger businesses are created, greater than investments that increase the economic impact,” he said.

With an investment of 200 mp, the Lake of Valsequillo will be converted into a free tourist center where people can swim and the governor announces.

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